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Now working for the Santa Fe Reporter: http://www.sfreporter.com/santafe/by-author-690-1.html

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Nypd pepper spray lrad eric garner protest article

EXCLUSIVE: NYPD Uses Military-Grade Sonic Weapon on Eric Garner Protesters

Long range acoustic devices (LRADs) have been used by police at protests throughout the world. This exclusive story was later picked up by the New York Times and Vice News.

Open uri20140612 12607 gjzf6s article

How the Government Bribes Police to Arrest People For Smoking Pot

Exclusively obtained documents reveal that police use the number of low-level drug arrests to sustain critical law enforcement funding from the federal government.

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30,000 March in New York City to Demand End to Racist Policing

A dispatch from one of the largest demonstrations against police violence in the history of New York City.

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How Police Use Military Tactics to Control Protests

Police have militarized from boots to brainstem, and are increasingly using counterinsurgency tactics adapted from the Army to confront protests in the street.

Screen shot 2014 08 06 at 11.00.10 am article

How New Media Put NYPD's Police Commissioner on the Defensive

How the media was instrumental to the success of the NYPD's "broken windows" policing in the 90's, and how social networks now undermine it.

Open uri20140213 31385 e0vji8 article

Why Young, Nonwhite Men Are the Most Profitable for Private Prisons

Private prisons favor young healthy men—and with drug laws, that means young men of color.

Open uri20140506 24093 ajav2i article

Activists Rally as Brooklyn DA Announces End to Marijuana Prosecutions

Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson will no longer prosecute low-level marijuana arrests.

Open uri20140616 4761 1nd0xhw article

How US Private Prisons Are Making Millions by Jailing Migrants in Deplorable Conditions

Undocumented migrants have become easy cash cows for private prison companies, according to a new report by the ACLU.

10654791 sentinel offender services logo article

How Private Probation Companies Make Money From the People They Trap in the Justice System

Governments still contract services to companies with moneyed interest in keeping people ensnared within the criminal justice system.

Screen shot 2014 07 16 at 1.41.47 pm article

Imagine What We Could Buy If We Didn't Have to Spend Billions on Police Brutality Suits

Childcare and after school programs, for example.

Open uri20140510 28101 1q8k96y article

How the Private Prison Industry Weaves itself into Public Institutions

A major cause of the industry’s staying power is how deeply it has entrenched itself in public institutions and channels.

Open uri20140627 23283 de1ys8 article

Four Facts from the ACLU's New Report on Police Militarization

Why do even small towns now deploy paramilitary forces?

Open uri20140115 5259 1cntsw2 article

Leaked Walmart Documents Reveal Propaganda Campaign to Fight Workers Attempting to Organize

The mega-retailer misinforms and tells managers to tattle on employees who discuss organizing.

Open uri20140413 8055 193h53n article

'Drug Criminalization Inherently Incompatible with Human Rights,' Says Human Rights Watch

Still, any mention of reforming drug laws conspicuously absent from Obama's speech.

Open uri20140413 20878 902h73 article

Radioactive Waste Dumped by Oil Companies Is Seeping out of the Ground in North Dakota

There have been 300 oil spillages in the state since 2011, and now that toxic waste is coming back up.