Aaron Miguel Cantú

Aaron Miguel Cantú


Now working for the Santa Fe Reporter: http://www.sfreporter.com/santafe/by-author-690-1.html

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Where Young College Graduates Choose to Live, the Poor Get Screwed

A recent article in the New York Times highlighting which cities young college graduates are moving to pushes a one-sided narrative of capitalist success. In many of these same cities, the urban plan for “resurgence” includes repressive crackdown on homelessness without an equally forceful push for affordable housing.

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Street Sweepers, pt. I: The Battle for the Cecil

Downtown Los Angeles is home of two extreme phenomena: hypergentrification and a homeless population rising more rapidly than any other city in the nation. This installment examines the work of activists to preserve affordable housing in the face of increasingly desperate circumstances.

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On the frontline of a social hygiene campaign by Aaron Cantú — Beacon

At the command of elected leaders beholden to developers, police and private security forces in LA are moving in to sweep the streets and clear the way for tomorrow’s city.