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Aaron Miguel Cantú


Now working for the Santa Fe Reporter: http://www.sfreporter.com/santafe/by-author-690-1.html

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Who’s behind unpaid prison labor in Texas?

Several of the officials charged with regulating Texas’s prison labor program, wherein thousands of workers behind bars are compelled to produce goods and provide services for free, are connected to some of the richest and most powerful institutions and people in the state.

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Power networks behind the Department of Homeland Security’s expanding biometrics division

We took a look at the power networks behind the companies rolling out iris and facial scanning technology on the California-Mexico border and JFK airport in New York City, and discovered some interesting connections.

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How the defense and security industry is tied to police biosurveillance in California

These connections show that the same companies that benefit from increased war abroad also profit from enhanced security at home, and suggest that militarism and Orwellian security measures rise in tandem.