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Vice News

A Massive Amount of Death Is Plaguing the World's Oceans

Marine species have declined by almost half over the last forty-five years, according to the World Wildlife Fund's Living Planet Index.

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Texas Pipeline Company Admits Santa Barbara Oil Spill Was 40 Percent Larger Than Estimated

A May pipeline break near Santa Barbara, California, leaked far more oil into the Pacific Ocean than was previously disclosed by the pipe operator, Texas-based Plains All American Pipeline.

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Here's Why Brushing Your Teeth Is Bad for the Oceans

The tiny exfoliating "microbeads" that millions of people slather onto their faces every morning are having a dire effect on the marine ecosystems, according to a new research by scientists at Plymouth University in England.

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Railroad Companies Don't Want to Disclose Where — and When — Their 'Bomb Trains' Are Traveling

The US Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) has doubled down on a demand that railroads notify state officials when large shipments of crude oil move through their towns, even as two of the largest rail companies fight in court to keep some of the information hidden from the public.

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Here's How Hot and Dry California Might Get by 2100

If global greenhouse gas emissions remain constant, Southern California will be hit by a one-two punch of extremely hot temperatures and severe water shortages that might make the state's current climate conditions and ongoing drought seem quaint.

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It's Going to Be a Bit Harder to Sell Ivory and Rhino Horn in California

A new bill in California that is poised to become law will overhaul the state's regulation of trade in ivory and rhino horn, dealing a significant blow to one of America's busiest hubs for the illegal market.

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Vice News

Saudi Arabia Says It's Ditching Fossil Fuels — Kinda

Saudi Arabia seems to see the writing on the wall when it comes to climate change, but experts think the Kingdom's oil exports are too profitable for it to ever abandon the fossil fuel industry entirely.

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Here's How Artificial Leaves Could Produce Zero-Emissions Fuel

Scientists have developed the most efficient means yet of producing hydrogen-based fuel from solar power, a process that mimics natural photosynthesis.

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Vice News

Here's How Many People Died in London From Air Pollution

Almost 9,500 people in London had their lives cut short by air pollution in 2010, accounting for a fifth of all deaths in the city that year, and the effect was deadlier where traffic was heaviest, according to a new report from King's College London.

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It Turns Out bin Laden Was Worried About Climate Change

Bin Laden's concern with climate change in the "Islamic World" tracks a stark reality: Many of the nations that are most vulnerable to a warming world are also home to huge Muslim populations, according to the Notre Dame Global Adaptation Index (ND-GAIN).

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Vice News

Former ExxonMobil Scientist Says the Company Has Long Known of Its Climate Change Impacts

Despite being aware of climate change as early as 1981, the company has provided over $30 million to groups that have sown doubt about the scientific consensus that the Earth is warming and human activities are the primary cause.

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Vice News

No One Seems to Know Who — or What — Is Poisoning North Carolina Drinking Water Supplies

What seems like a clear case of an energy company polluting people's drinking wells in North Carolina is actually much more complicated, thanks to the state's rock formations.

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For The First Time in Decades, McDonald's Is Closing More Stores Than It's Opening

Industry watchers say the world's largest fast-food chain is suffering from its association with industrial farming practices and lower-quality ingredients.

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This Graphic Video of a Live Whale Shark Being Sawed Apart Is Pissing People Off

A video of two fishermen on China's southern coast sawing through a live whale shark has elicited outrage among some in the nation, where a growing movement to recognize — and legislate — animal welfare is confronting a tradition of indifference.

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Vice News

Bees Might Be Addicted to Nicotine-Like Insecticides That Are Killing Them

Two studies into the effects of neonicotinoids, a class of chemical that accounts for one fifth of the world's insecticides, have revealed that not only might the chemicals be harming bees' ability to reproduce, but they may also be highly addictive to the insects as well, much like nicotine is for humans.