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Now working for the Santa Fe Reporter: http://www.sfreporter.com/santafe/by-author-690-1.html

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2015 0713water article

Residents Fight Back Against Pittsburgh's Privatized Water Authority

Residents in Pittsburgh have seen their water bills climb as high as 600 percent, and after the city began shutting off water-bill deliquent hones, some filed a class action lawsuit. In the process they discovered the private water corporation that's really pulling the strings.

2015 0903police article

Police in Texas Hospital Shoot Patient in the Chest

What happened to Alan was a horrific expression of how divestment from mental health services and the criminalization of mental illness can have a particularly lethal impact on people of color

2015 0331d  article

Ring of Snitches: How Detroit Police Slapped False Murder Convictions on Young Black Men

How a jailhouse informant for the Detroit Police sent Lacino Hamilton to prison, and what Hamilton's fight to be released has revealed.

2015 0514water article

Exclusive Dispatch: Private Water Industry Says Water Bills "Have to Go Up"

Dozens of public officials, company executives, attorneys and consultants gathered in Charleston, SC to portend the future of the water industry in the Southeast United States. Beyond the region, their discussion was aimed at reimagining the future of the entire country's water infrastructure needs - including their hopes to move it into private hands.

2015 0205housing article

Gentrification: One Community's Struggle Against Affordable Housing

As City Hall attempts to jam thousands more housing units concurrently with new commercial development near subway lines, it is presenting the Lefferts Gardens community with an ultimatum: Accept new development in the name of affordable housing so that other parts of the neighborhood will be shielded from rising real estate values, or be left at the mercy of market forces that have transformed other neighborhoods.

2014 827 cantu 1 article

Street Sweepers, Part I: The Battle for the Cecil

Downtown Los Angeles is home of two extreme phenomena: hypergentrification and a homeless population rising more rapidly than any other city in the nation. Now a group of grassroots activists--many who are homeless--are squaring off with a developer over the use of an old hotel.

2014 1107homeless  article

Why Did Fort Lauderdale Police Arrest an Old Man for Feeding Homeless People?

It wasn't a moral choice, as the city's mayor claimed. It was a matter of land and money.

2014 1206grange article

Granger Danger

The Grange - whose members are called "grangers" - is one of the oldest civic institutions for farmers in the United States, but resistance to Big Agriculture's agenda is creating a rift between old and new grangers. In recent years, some newer grangers have looked to their roots to reimagine the organization as a force to resist Big Ag's dominance over food.

2014 0924police  article

Policing for Wealth

The record suggests that "broken windows" policing isn't about making a dangerous neighborhood safer for those who live there so much as it is about using police power to scythe the way forward for the gentrification process.

2015 0115police article

How "Hate Crimes Against Police" Expose the Fatal Flaw Within Hate Crime Statutes

Hate crime legislation lent legitimacy to a 40-year carceral program that has wrought immense damage on communities of color. In an ironic twist, the police - who've been the main enforcers of this program - now want to invoke these laws for their protection.

2014.6.17.bratton.main article

Beyond Drones and Stop-and-Frisk

Predictive policing and gunshot detection drones: Welcome to broken windows policing 2.0.

Open uri20140318 7240 cl4ud4 article

"Do What You Gotta Do": Cop Shows Bolster Idea That Police Violence Works

What is the social impact of a cop booster program like "Chicago PD"? What audience - and what ends - does it serve?

Open uri20131207 12462 wjq85u article

Thinking Beyond Big Marijuana

While a burgeoning class of weed elite is hoping to turn marijuana into the next great American industry, others resist the corporatization of cannabis.

Open uri20140112 26412 arm4j3 article

Marijuana and a New York State of Mind

Why aren't more progressive-oriented states legalizing marijuana? A look at how New York state's police departments - and legislative candidates - are funded may provide a clue.

2014.8.12.msm.main article

How the Mainstream Media Helped Kill Michael Brown

It took three days for the mainstream media to report any account of Michael Brown's murder other than the police's incoherent version.